From Our Family to Yours—Some Tips About Avoiding Deer-Related Accidents

Here In Muskegon, This Is Need-to-Know Information

Deer—to live in Muskegon is to know and love them, even if they get pretty annoying in the autumn. Of course, no one wants to hit one with their car; not only does it feel bad to hurt or kill a living creature, but it can be dangerous for drivers and costly for repairs, too! In order to protect yourself, your family, and the investment of your vehicle, heed the following tips to avoiding deer-related incidents.

Of course, if you do have an unlucky run-in with a deer, you can count on our service center to get you back on track with repairs, replacement parts, or a new vehicle—whatever you need.


Furry faces, boastable antler racks, and the little white spots on the babies—there’s a lot to like about deer, but hitting them with your car is certainly going to put a damper on things (for you, but also for them). Here are some of our tips to avoiding deer-related accidents and the repair costs that can do with that:

  • Know a Bit About Them: Knowing a bit about deer can help you avoid accidentally hitting one. For example, did you know deer are most mobile in early morning or early evening hours during the late fall/early winter. Just being aware of these habits can make you more alert during these times, and a more alert driver is a more attentive driver.
  • Know Your Surroundings: If you frequently drive past a river or lake, there’s a good chance deer will be crossing the road to get to that source of water, so extra caution on this stretch is a good idea. If you see a “deer in headlights” or a pair of haunting, floating, glowing eyes, it’s more likely a deer than an apparition, so slow down and heed your caution so you don’t hit the deer.
  • Some of It Is Common Sense: Sometimes we just have to use our brains and good sense. You know a thing or two about road safety, so put that thinking cap on and make sure to keep your high-beams on when traveling the backroads, ensure your seatbelt is always fastened, and maintain vigilance on the road.

Using those tips above, we hope you’ll drive a little safer and more aware of the deer around you—Muskegon and the areas of Whitehall, Montague, Ludington, and Freemont are teeming with them! Of course, an SUV (thanks to its added size and ground clearance) is going to fare better than a small car in the event of a deer-collision, so if you’re looking to upgrade, you’ll find plenty of great options here in our new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram inventory. Happy and safe driving!

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